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We won't overlook any flaws

Make sure everything is perfect.


What is snagging?

The process of checking a new property for minor faults, a snag, that needs to be rectified by the developer/contractor prior to the final handing over of the property to the buyer. The developer is legally obliged to attend the snags mentioned in the snag list.


A snag list, also called a punch list or a deficiency list, is the summary report that contains the list of defects or deficiencies observed during the snagging inspection. includes any work that was not completed according to specifications or any items that needs correction, such as incorrect installs or improper building functionality. 

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Why do you need us to inspect your property? 

If properties are checked for defects,
why do snags occur?

It is presumed that a new property should have passed building regulations through a series of inspections thereby acquiring a structural warranty from the developer ensuring every aspect of the property is in perfect condition, but such is not the case.

A snagging inspection is preferable before signing the handover documents .

Although it is the responsability of the developper to examine and fix any cosmetic defects, it is highly unlikely that they will take evertything into consideration hence a handover inspection is recommended before taking handover.

Even though the developer is responsible to have your property built in accordance with the necessary specification, design and industry standards, it often occurs that they rush the final inspection to have the property livable as fast as possible to get the final payment from the buyer.

That's when you will need us to step in and inspect your property with a professional eye, pinpointing flaws that are commonly overlooked

We will ensure that the quality of the finishes and the functionality of your property is of upmost perfection.

plastering & dryling_3x.png

Plastering & Drylinning

electrical system_3x.png

Electrical systems

external works_3x.png

External works

ac & plumbing_3x.png

AC & Plumbing

windows & doors_3x.png

Windows & Doors

JOINERY snagfinder_3x.png


driveway 1 garden_3x.png

Driveway & Garden

fans & ventilation_3x.png

Fans & Ventilation

painting & decoration_3x.png

Painting & Decorating

bathroom & kitchen_3x.png

Bathrooms & Kitchens

level tolerance_3x.png

Level tolerances

floors & covering_3x.png

Floors & Coverings

When is the snag inspection required? 

Once the developer informs you that your property is ready to move into, that's when you call us.


Prior to signing the handover documents, inform the developer that you will be carrying out a snagging inspection and we will take care of the rest for you. 


Why choosing us?

why us - snagfinder UAE 1_3x.png

Convenient & Seamless process. You don't need to be physically present, save your time.

why us - snagfinder UAE 4_3x.png

Our level of expertise and reputation in the industry speaks for itself.

why us - snagfinder UAE 5_3x.png

We provide an exclusive follow up service ensuring every snag is taken care of.

why us - snagfinder UAE 2_3x.png

We always guarantee the best quality and services.

why us - snagfinder UAE 3_3x.png

We value our customers their time and their future life in their property .

why us - snagfinder UAE 6_3x.png

We are available in all 7 emirates of the UAE, 24/7 with a no miss effect policy 

Want to know more about snagging?

read through our FAQs for more information

  • Do i need to be present during inspection?
    No, we only need you to give us the contact detail of the developer to schedule the inspection
  • How long does the inspection take?
    2 to 6 hours depending of the size of the property.
  • How payment works?
    By card, through payment link shared at the booking stage. Amount will be deducted from your account only when we release the snagging report
  • Can i cancel an inspection?
    Yes you can, but not less than 48h prior scheduled inspection. Your card won’t be debited

Our partners

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In less than 12 months, we became the market leader in the UAE. Now, our goal is to shape a new category in the proptech space that enables and empowers the ecosystem; home buyers, sellers, agents, and mortgage brokers in the UAE and beyond.


By using technology and the knowledge of our internal experts, we are building a transparent and easy-to-use experience so that buying a home can finally be a moment to celebrate.


Daxium-Air improves exchanges between the headquarters and the field. Construction, Civil Engineering, Retail, Trade & Distribution, Industry, Facility Management, Certification bodies, Real Estate… As soon as you have teams in the field, you need to streamline exchanges to gain in responsiveness. And this, whatever your job. Operations, Methods, Chief Digital Officers, Maintenance, QHSE…

Daxium-Air allows you not only to collect field information, but also to automate everything that can be done (reports, tasks…). In addition, you can compile the data collected in Daxium with data from your other software to improve your overall performance.

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ADDA provides a Private Social Networking Platfrom which helps connect Neighbors. Be it Important Discussions regarding the Community, or asking Neighbors for Advice, or staying updated regarding all Activities in the Community; Staying Connected makes Community Living not only Fun, but a lot more Secure!

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